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Rachel Jones


What I create

I am a Sculptor living and working in Warwickshire. I create animal sculptures inspired by life, whilst also working intuitively to give each piece individual characteristics and personality. I achieve this by sometimes exaggerating parts of the animal's form and in their expressions, capturing a comical side or a sense of playfulness and energy. The chickens in my garden are an endless source of inspiration.

Why I create

I am self-taught and have been working with clay for over ten years, beginning with ceramic jewellery and then feeling strongly drawn towards sculpture through my love of animals. I feel clay is a wonderful, highly tactile and expressive medium where I can let my imagination and my admiration for wildlife run free.

How I create

My sculptures are hand formed with earthenware clay, using hand building and pinching techniques. The pieces are either built hollow, or solid and then hollowed out after creation. The pieces are next bisque fired to 1100 degrees centigrade before glazing and then fired a second or third time to 1020 degrees centigrade.

Reclining Hare

“Reclining Hare”

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Telephone number 01608 650727

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