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Patricia Wainwright

Artist in the heart of the Cotswolds

What I paint and draw

I am inspired by the beauty of natural landscapes and the colours of the seasons. On occasion I have also been asked to create portraits of family pets, although I do these by commission only. I have written and illustrated a children's book, called "Where's Teddy?" and have recently completed a second one - "Where's Teddy on the Beach" - which is ready for publishing. 

Why I paint and draw

I am led by my love of nature, its vibrancy and fragility, to create my art works. I am inspired by "grand vistas" such as views across fields, valleys, lakes or mountains; pathways through and amongst trees in all seasons and the magnificence of nature per se. I am particularly inspired and moved by shimmering light over water, dappled light in trees or huge skies, with the clouds racing over fields.

How I paint and draw

I am a landscape artist working mostly in mixed media; combining watercolour, oil pastel and acrylic ink, although occasionally I focus on a single medium – acrylic paint or inks in particular. I love colour and work hard to infuse my work with vibrancy and light.
Purple Summer

“Purple Summer”

Cherington Ponds

“Cherington Ponds”

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