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Nicholas Chaundy

Portrait Painter and Figurative Artist

What I paint

I work entirely from life, translating what I see in three dimensions onto a two dimensional surface. The beauty of working from life is that you are able to observe the object or person over several weeks. I try to capture in my work the silence and calm within the objects and people that I observe over this time. Although there is natural movement when working from life, the comfort and almost therapeutic nature of painting or being painted is what I try to focus on in each of my portraits, still lives and figurative pieces.

Why I paint

Whether it’s in music, writing or various other areas of creativity, there is always an aspect of the real world or nature that we observe, which will play a part in how that product is created. For me, that aspect is light. I am fascinated by how light falls over a three dimensional object and how light and dark can play a part in manipulating the way we feel and think about what we see. Naturally, I try to put as much of both into my work as possible.

How I paint

I was academically trained at the Florence Academy of Art, where I was extensively schooled in 19th Century techniques of painting and drawing. In addition to this, I have spent all of my adult life studying the techniques of various painters throughout history and have come to use a broad spectrum of techniques that I apply in my painting. I work in oils, pencil, charcoal and chalk and use historic pigments and mediums, and no synthetic colours. I actually find that all of nature can be perfectly represented with a small variety of colours, carefully controlled. 



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