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Neil Waterman

Limited Edition Silkscreen and Giclée Prints

What I print

Motorsport, classic and historic sports cars and supercars. Cityscapes. Historic events… and more.

Why I print

Thirty five years of working in top-level motorsport (Formula One, Indycar, Le Mans), coupled with a long tradition of artists, illustrators and printers in the Waterman family has caused "Neil Waterman the Artist" to happen. I want to share not only my experience of motorsport, but also produce artworks to stir emotions and revisit the passion and love associated with the subject matter.

I ask all racing drivers: "If a racing car was a piece of art that you could hang on your wall, which would you choose?" Some great answers come forth, and perhaps as the visceral feeling when thinking of something which has it all, they may not always be the obvious choice. Take Sir Stirling Moss for instance. When asked, he said “Oh, that’s a jolly good question, old boy!” He thought for while, (there are a few very significant cars which he drove with great success and therefore, most felt they could narrow it down). To my surprise, and everyone else’s, he said: “The Lotus 19.” A pretty little machine, and one which I have become rather fond of, too! 

How I print

I produce my originals using several techniques to arrive at the finished artwork. I photograph, draw from photographs or sketch in ink; digitally enhance (such as vectorising) using graphics software to create a polarised look and feel which lends itself nicely (ultimately) to silkscreen printing.

Silkscreen printing, or serigraphy, is a process which cannot be rushed. Onwards from the initial piece of artwork, stencil making and printing of separate colours one at a time, each print is considered an original piece of artwork. Silkscreen printing has been used for over a thousand years and during the 20th Century was popularised in the 1910s and then later, significantly, by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein with their vibrant and fabulous "Pop" Art. 

The inks I use are stable and lose very little vibrancy over decades. The paper I use is high quality fine art for silkscreen and for giclées, a high quality digital paper.

At the Limit

“At the Limit”

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