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Martin J Leighton

Portrait and Figurative Artist

What I paint

I am passionate about portraiture and figurative subjects. My new collection shows an ambiguous effect; enticing the viewer to look closely at the figure which is often split into sections, revealing other images in the background, as if the person is moving or pixelated.

Why I paint

The challenge for me is to create evocative and thought provoking images, capturing the contrast between light and dark, the depth of shine and shadow, and fleeting moments of mood and atmosphere. I strive to achieve realistic, yet not photographic images. I paint from both life and photos taken of my models, capturing their emotions, femininity, beauty and sensuality, rather than their sexuality. Achieving skin tones is such a challenge, but I find myself getting totally engrossed in the painting until I am satisfied with the finished work. I never tire of figurative painting, as I find it satisfying to touch on the poignancy of personal moments and the inter-relationships that occur.

How I paint

After running my own art gallery in Weymouth for 14 years, I now work from my studio at home on the beautiful coastline in Dorset. Painting with oils on canvas, I have been concentrating on a new style of figurative works, including nudes, which allows me to express a different view of the female form.

Dressing in Red

“Dressing in Red”

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