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Les Trewin

Painter in oils and acrylics

What I paint

Motivated by strong composition, colour and texture, my inspiration is drawn from many things. Dynamic perspective, contrasting tones and atmospheric lighting are all qualities that I respond to as an artist and try to capture in my work.

Why I paint

Creative drive is, by its nature, different for everyone. Perhaps I find it easier to express myself visually than I do articulating myself verbally, which makes the task of defining why I paint that much more difficult. Simply put, I paint because I want to and derive immense pleasure in the challenge of meaningful expression. If this should resonate with the viewer, then I believe art has been created.

How I paint

Most of my early work was created in acrylics, but I have recently begun to work in water based oil paint. It’s a medium that suits my style and energy, being applied by both brush and pallet knife. I seldom work from a white background, instead using selected base colours as the foundation to build upon. I work from the thousands of photographs I have taken over the years of my surrounding landscape, hoping to improve on each painting I create, or at the very least learn something new. Nature is a great teacher.

Leather Tor

“Leather Tor”

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