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Harry Brioche

Landscape Painter

What I paint

I had a wonderful childhood growing up on the island of Mahe in the Seychelles and I moved to England with my parents in 1980. From an early age I was captivated by the drama and beauty of the atmospheric, ever-changing British sky and landscape, which is in sharp contrast to that of the Seychelles.

Why I paint

Despite attending Maidstone College of Art, I consider myself a self-taught artist. Following an ultimatum by my college lecturers to conform to their institutional style and methods of painting, or leave, I decided to go it alone! I was lucky enough to pursue a successful career as an illustrator and graphic designer with my company Tom Dick and Harry, working with brands including Dr Martens, Coca Cola and BAE Systems.

How I paint

The inspiration I've felt from an early age is ever present in my painting. However, the landscape is actually almost incidental. My main objectives are to try and capture the atmosphere and "spirit" of a place. Ultimately, it's the mood and light within the painting which becomes the central theme. As an artist I paint subjects that inspire me, and bring me and, hopefully, others pleasure.

Evening Sun

“Evening Sun”

Into the Valley

“Into the Valley”

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