Faye Baines

Painter in acrylics


Floral subjects have always been a favourite for me. I love the colours, shapes and structures of flowers and plants. I enjoy using a colourful palette and flowers lend themselves to bold, vibrant paintings.

When I rediscovered my love for painting I began with floral patterns, enjoying portraying the flowers in simple forms and finding the balance between the shapes and their distribution across the page. It was then pointed out to me that small sections of these patterns painted on a large scale on canvas might be an interesting experiment! This resulted in a change to acrylics and painting flowers on a grander scale, which I absolutely loved. This has, in turn, led me to bright bold landscapes, portraying well known landmarks such as Broadway Tower in the Cotswolds and Glastonbury Tor. It’s very interesting to see how artwork evolves and I’m looking forward to seeing what I paint in the future.


I paint because I love it. It can bring great joy, or be a huge challenge. It helps me have thinking time, or to become totally engrossed and not think at all. Creativity has been a huge part of my life and I can clearly remember particular drawings I did when I was little. Me onstage was my usual one. I wanted to be a singer! Art has always been there and is part of who I am. I have been very shy about my work, but gradually I’m able to share it more easily.


I paint in a room in our house. It’s a room with so many different uses – it stores my husband’s bike and paraphernalia, all the household paperwork and a filing cabinet for my husband’s work. However, one corner is dedicated to my work and I spend very pleasant days painting at my easel. I always have a sketch book handy and keep my old ones for reference, along with magazine cuttings, photographs, post cards etc. I work from photographs mostly but eventually I would like to paint "en plein air" out in the countryside.

I work on canvas boards or stretched canvas frames, usually 50 x 50cm upwards. Tubes of acrylic paint are scattered across my desk in all colours and sizes. There aren’t pots full of brushes or gadgets or tools. I try to keep it simple, using canvas, paint, a few brushes, a palette and water! I usually block out the main areas first, then lay on further coats until it's ready for the final layer of detail. My aim is to work background to foreground but sometimes I’m so excited to add something in that I rush ahead. Then, of course, trying to complete a background around a foreground is tricky! Signature and varnish to finish, and that’s pretty much how I paint.
Broadway Tower

“Broadway Tower”

Glastonbury Tor

“Glastonbury Tor”

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