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Clive Eastland

Pastels artist

What I paint/ create

I have been a professional artist for the past 17 years. I enjoy painting a wide range of subjects from landscapes and seascapes to still lifes. Having started out painting in watercolour I now primarily work in pastel, enjoying the purest form of painting material there is.

Why I paint/ create

Inspired by nature and using the virtually pure pigment of pastel, I love to capture the elusive qualities of light and shade, enjoying the transformation that occurs when something I see in reality or imagination comes to life in a painting.

How I paint/ create

I work on a tinted textured surface, the colour of which I select depending on the particular subject I am painting. I use a variety of pastels but I favour Unison soft pastels, which are hand-rolled in Northumberland.

By applying pastel to my hand and pressing this onto the support in thin layers, the image starts to take shape. I then apply the pastel, either with my fingers or directly, taking care not to overwork the painting and to achieve a fresh and vibrant image.

Still life with onions

“Still life with onions”

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Telephone number 01608 650727

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